Who Is Duece Flame?

The Man Behind The Mic

Duece Flame is a Hip-Hop artist from Houston, TX and the founder of the label Come Up City Records. He started recording music as a child and since has turned into a well respected songwriter and producer. In the summer of 2018, he left Houston and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music career. Since being in this new city, he has grown his fanbase, created merchandise, and has now released two projects that have gained over 100k+ streams across platforms this year alone - a huge jump from about 5k streams in 2019. Inspiration is key, so the goal is to encourage people to do whatever it is in life that makes you happy. Everyone has a passion and Duece Flame is here to encourage the world to keep the fire going!



Featured Albums

Got Flame Vol 1.jpg

Got Flame Vol. 1 (2018)

Make way for a new wave; passion, pain, happiness, lust, creativity, competitive drive, motivation, swagger, lyricism: a melting pot of Flame. The collection starts here with a new mixtape from Houston based recording artist Duece Flame featuring a few of his favorite producers that are also on their way to the top. Between tracks like "Shooters" that's full of nostalgic and witty popular cultural references with a gritty edge that will make anyone channel their inner beast, and "Hold It Down" that will have all the ladies getting their best look ready as they head out to the club, Got Flame, Vol. 1 is a project that'll appeal to your every emotion and keep your head's bangin'.

Headspace Artwork by Duece Flame copy.jp

Headspace (2020)

This is the long awaited release of #Headspace by Duece Flame. Started in 2017, the finishing touches were added at the end of 2019. #2020 was the vision; so much growth has happened in the year and a half that Flame has lived in LA, and with that comes a new chapter in his career. Duece Flame wants to share the message that action is always the easiest way to achieve completion. If you don't make a move then all the second guessing, all the studying, all the plotting goes to waste. If you have a plan, follow through with it don't let yourself hold you back from reaching that full potential. Welcome to Duece Flame's Headspace.

Duece Flame Got Flame Volume 2 Cover.jpg

Got Flame Vol. 2 (2020)

Following the release of his “Headspace” album, Duece Flame is set to make those online quarantine parties lit with his new project “Got Flame Vol. 2”. With its icy sounds, braggadocios lyrics and heavy 808s, this project is destined to be the perfect soundtrack for this smoker’s holiday.  The artwork perfectly captures the song “So Icy” which sounds like a spacey, ambient dream while “Cake Up” is full of money-making, brag rap over a smooth Houston bounce beat. One thing is for certain, as Duece Flame continues to create, Houston will always be an influence on his evolving sound and Got Flame Vol. 2 is a perfect reflection of that.